Welcome to Marlborough Granite Ltd, a Glasgow Based company dedicated and renowned for producing quality stone products for the Residential and Commercial markets in the UK and beyond.

Marlborough Granite Glasgow is one of the most recognisable names in the Marble and Granite Industry and over the past twenty years we have endeavoured to provide our clients with a service and commitment which we believe is the cornerstone of our success.
The latest CNC and Water Jet technology, combined with traditional, hand masonry skills ensure a perfect finish on all of our products.
All of our installations are carried out by our own, experienced fitting teams. They will arrive at your jobsite uniformed and in fully equipped vans displaying the full Marlborough livery.

  • Sensa Granite

    Natural Granite range from Cosentino, pre- treated to offer Stain Resistant Protection.

  • Silestone Quartz

    Our most popular quartz collection, available in over 50 colours and 3 different textures.

  • Dekton

    Ultra Compact Surface. Non porous, highly heat resistant and UV resistant, making it the ideal material for outdoor use.

  • Marble

    A metamorphic rock, formed when sedimentary rock is subject to pressure and heat under the earth’s surface. Perfect for interior finishes including flooring, fireplaces, vanity units and furniture. Can be problematic as a work surface due to it’s high porosity and low level of scratch resistance.

  • Granite

    An igneous rock, formed when magma cools and solidifies, made up predominantly of minerals such as Feldspar, Mica and Quartzite. Harder wearing than marble, Granite is the preferred choice for kitchen work surfaces.

  • Limestone

    A sedimentary rock which is popular for flooring, fireplaces and wall cladding. Usually supplied in a honed finish.

  • Slate

    Available in Dark Grey, Black or Green and in two finishes, honed or riven. Hardwearing albeit easily scratched, slate is most popular for flooring or fireplace Hearths.

  • Caesarstone

    Premium brand quartz, currently available in over 50 colours and different finishes.

  • Stone Italiana

    High quality quartz manufacturer based in Verona, Italy. Various collections including Craken and Terrazzo.

  • Atlas Plan

    Atlas Plan is the Atlas Concorde brand that specialises in the creation of large-size ceramic slabs. The technical performance of porcelain tiles is merged with sophisticated styling capable of adding a distinctive touch to every surface. Hard-wearing, versatile and authentic: these are the features of the material which Atlas Plan creates. The excellence and wealth of colours, vein patterns and light effects of marble, natural stone and of the most innovative materials, create exclusive atmospheres and suggestions to decorate all indoor and outdoor settings.

Our materials are sourced worldwide through a network of trusted distributors and slab processors. We currently import quartz from Spain, Israel, Italy and the U.S.. Marble from Spain and Italy and our Granites are sourced as far afield as Brazil, India and South Africa.

Continued investment in the latest machinery combined with our unrivalled reputation for quality, cements Marlborough’s place at the forefront of the Scottish Stone Industry.

Allan Sutherland | Director



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